🗝️Alice - Chocolate Bunny🐇

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Our curious floppy ear bunny is painted in tribute to the adventurous spirit of Alice. This delightful creation features a milk chocolate shell in blue, white, and yellow, mirroring Alice's iconic character. This chocolate bunny is a perfect addition to any themed celebration or as a unique gift for fans of the classic tale!

Milk chocolate shell on dark chocolate base. Breaking open reveals chocolate covered malt balls in strawberry-Earl Grey, chai-milk chocolate, hōjicha (roasted green tea), and pineapple-passion.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, couverture, chocolate covered malt balls (malt balls, strawberry couverture, pineapple couverture, milk chocolate, hōjicha, earl grey tea, chai tea)

Contains MILK, WHEAT, SOY. May contain traces of TREE NUTS, PEANUTS, SESAME.